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Sole Diesels UK

SOLÉ, Spain., founded in 1914 has made over 50,000 marine motors since it was established.

SOLÉ DIESEL did not start to manufacture marine motors until 1949, when it built one, two and three-cylinder engines with a maximum power of 30 HP. These motors were completely designed and built at the Martorell factory. Afterwards, an air-cooled motor was transformed to a seawater cooling system, using Lombardini two- and three-cylinder blocks. Over the years, SOLÉ DIESEL has developed and created its own adaptation systems and original parts for adapting the motors it has imported to a marine environment.

From 1972 onwards, SOLÉ, S.A. took up the challenge of adapting engines of up to 150 HP to a marine environment, with a Perkins, and then a Mercedes base. In 1978, the company took a great leap forward – adapting motors to a marine environment using a Mitsubishi base.

The company currently has the latest technology in production, including numerically-controlled centres winches, new test banks for engines, new test banks for gear changers, new installations for production and propeller balancing, thus obtaining an 80% increase in production over the last five years.

SOLÉ, S.A. has now attained “a position of leadership in the range of motors smaller than 150 HP.” It has also been able to carve a niche in foreign markets, in Europe, North Africa, North and South America, Asia and Oceania

Solé marine engines are extensively used by professionals and hobbyists on work boats, pleasure craft and narrow boats .

We have engines available with or without Gearbox, With Heat Exchanger cooling or Keel cooling. (Some engines are  available with sail drive).

All Engines Are Complete With :

12 volt starter and alternator

Flexible mounting feet

Control panel with wiring harness: including tachometer, hourmeter,

Warnings for water, oil and battery,

Ignition key and electric stop.

Transported in one strong box mounted on a pallet

Optional equipment i.e. Second alternator, etc can be viewed here

Light & Compact

These engines are outstanding for their low weight and small size. This is due to their compact design and the use of materials such as cast iron and aluminium.

Low Vibration & Noise Level

The small mass of the moving parts such as pistons, conrods, the new combustion chamber design and indirect injection provide a very low vibration & noise level as well as clean exhaust gases.

Ideal for Narrow Boats & other Water Craft where Noise Level is a issue

Heat Exchanger

The cooling system uses a thermostatically controlled heat exchanger which keeps the engine temperature at the correct level, thus ensuring longer engine life.


The engine is delivered complete with electrics.
A 12V starter motor and powerful 12V 60A alternator with a highly reliable built-in regulator.

The control panel includes a tachometer with hour counter, a water temperature gauge, audio & visual oil pressure, water temperature and battery charge control alarms all contributing to perfect control of the engine parameters.